Coral Gables AC Repair - Emergency AC Service


Coral Gables, FL has an amazing sunny, breezy weather that we love. But it is also home to damp and clammy days that make it necessary for one to have an air conditioning unit! However, as is with every other machine, your AC units are prone to malfunctioning and unexpected breakdown. What will you do if it happens in the middle of the night or on a weekend? Are you going to sit through the night and days, waiting for help to arrive? No, you can’t. We didn’t think so too.

Coral Gables AC Repair is an expert of emergency service in Coral Gables, FL area with a 24/7 support hotline 786-475-6549 and a team of experts on hand that respond to your distress call within 20-minutes. We have also equipped our technicians with state-of-the-art equipment that allows them to service your needs onsite!


Residential premises:

Your home is your sanctuary and the last place you would want to be uncomfortable. However, as unpredictable as life can be, you may be faced with a situation where your AC faults during wee hours and there is no one to help you. Don't panic because you have us. Just call us and expect our men to arrive at your doorstep within 20-minutes, no matter where you are in Coral Gables, FL.

Commercial spaces:

A well functioning AC unit is all the more necessary for a commercial space. Your employees will not be able to give their 100% at work if they are constantly struggling with the muggy office environment. A malfunctioning AC at work means loss of productive hours/days that can culminate into financial loss if not handled soon enough! This is why Coral Gables AC Repair works round-the-clock for its global clients that work 24/7. We are always just a phone call away when your AC runs into problems.


We’re on time:

We don't waste precious time in asking silly questions. If you have a problem on your hands, we have a solution for you! Just pick up that phone and dial our number. We will reach you in 15-minutes, regardless of where you are.

We know it all:

When we say we know it all, we are not kidding! We can help you fix your compressor with just as much excellence as redesigning your ductwork for new AC installation. Our experts have the experience and the knowledge to handle all kinds of emergency situations.

We charge you right:

We don't charge you unreasonably because you called us for “emergency” solution. We provide you the same level of services, at same price points, no matter when you seek us out.Coral Gables  AC Repair Coral Gables, FL 786-475-6549


  • Perform overnight AC installation
  • Repair AC breakdown
  • Provide substitutes for unrepairable ACs
  • Fix leaks and refill refrigerants
  • Offer round-the-clock maintenance support

And more

If your air conditioner is showing signs of trouble, don't wait for it to break down completely. Call us now and let us have a look. We are available on 786-475-6549!